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Class "A" EVPs
Class "A" EVPs are a message that can be heard without headphones and that people can generally agree on its content.
17 clip(s)
Anybody in here besides us?
Show Me Ghosts West gets a direct response to a question.
by Chris & Bobby
Added : 31 Dec : 16:29
Views: 1414
Last viewed: 30 Oct : 20:03
Breathing Hard
Going down the stairs, Colleen had her digital voice recorder at her waist where someone was breathing hard...
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:14
Views: 759
Last viewed: 31 Oct : 13:32
Butler Haunted House Voice & Knocking
Show Me Ghosts West spent some time in the commercial haunted at Butler, MO. On their first visit, they had this direct-response conversation. They heard none of the taps/knocking responses and none of the voice responses until playback.
by Chris & Bobby
Added : 31 Dec : 16:29
Views: 1275
Last viewed: 12 Nov : 22:50
Do You Like the Lights?
Granny\'s Attic owner, Michelle, gets a response when she asks if the presence likes the lights from the K2 meter (an EMF detector)
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:18
Views: 773
Last viewed: 15 Nov : 12:42
Full Conversation
Show Me Ghosts West has another full conversation with an unseen occupant at the old Butler, MO jail/highschool.
by Chris & Bobby
Added : 31 Dec : 16:30
Views: 1288
Last viewed: 30 Oct : 06:06
Gas Chamber Chant
Two of our members went to Missouri State Penitentiary in the Fall of 2007 to do an overnight investigation. Listen closely to the Native American Chant, and if you wear headphones, you can hear drums. This was an EVP captured on the camcorders audio and it can be seen in our Paranormal Videos section.
by colleen
Added : 31 Dec : 16:30
Views: 1048
Last viewed: 23 Oct : 08:13
Get Off My Bed ~ Enhanced
Here we have enhanced the lady\'s voice for your consideration.
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:23
Views: 757
Last viewed: 03 Nov : 00:45
Get Off My Bed!!!
Granny\\\'s Attic owner, Michelle Staley, was sitting on an antique day bed when she felt a burning sensation on her back. She lifted her shirt to find 3 scratch marks running up her low back. When we reviewed the audio, we found this distinct EVP opinion from the lady who likely scratched her. The EVP overlaps our male investigator at the very beginning of the clip, but is exceptionally clear...
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:22
Views: 783
Last viewed: 20 Oct : 21:32
She\'s Gonna Run...
While in the basement, one of our investigators made the comment that they felt like the uncomfortable presence at Granny\'s Attic was hiding. Our EVP Specialist, Christine Blue, chided the presence, not knowing that it had a little something to say about her teasing and a surprise manifestation a few minutes later...
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:26
Views: 768
Last viewed: 30 Oct : 06:02
The Granny\'s Attic investigation turned up some amazing evidence, and at one point we were getting a little loud in our excitement. This stationary digital voice recorder was sitting in another room, away from all of us when this EVP came through...
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:28
Views: 758
Last viewed: 07 Nov : 13:17
This is cuckoo
This was recorded by Show Me Ghosts during an EVP session and investigation at a Butler, MO trailer.
by colleen
Added : 31 Dec : 16:33
Views: 1187
Last viewed: 09 Nov : 18:39
Touch The End
Michelle Staley, owner of Granny\'s Attic, was asking for any presence in the room to touch the end of the K2 meter (an EMF detector). This is the response she got.
by colleen
Added : 29 Jun : 16:30
Views: 794
Last viewed: 02 Nov : 08:08
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