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Sunday 08 November 2009
What Does A Black Orb Mean?
We get a lot of questions about orbs around here. It's probably because we are some of the very few researchers who honestly analyze them, rather than dismissing them as dust or making a big deal out of a floating hair. We have found real anomalies in our orb footage and we spend a lot of time and energy trying to understand what they truly are, not to mention that a couple of us have seen a few orb oddities we couldn’t explain. They aren’t always as mundane as some researchers would have you believe, and they aren’t always as spectacular as others present them to be. We make it our goal to stay real and objective, whatever that means to the outcome of the evidence.

Generally, folks have questions about orbs appearing in photos or video. Some want to know what it means to actually see them with the naked eye, or how to distinguish a moisture orb from dear ‘ole Aunt Martha, but the most frequent orb inquiries we get are in regard to coloration. "What does a purple orb mean?" Christine Blue goes into some excellent popular theories on this topic with her article "What Does A Colored Orb Mean?" The only color not covered in her article is black, which is a frequent question on our site. This article is based on my own black orb experiences and observations over the years, with some hope that it will help define what these anomalies really are.

I’ve had “sight” all of my life. I’ve seen full apparitions, shadows, mists, fogs, auras and lights since I was a child, but I saw my first black orb in November of 2003 while in the Florida Everglades on business. It was about the size of a ping-pong ball and bounced around my hotel room while I argued passionately with my husband over the phone. When I got home from that trip, I began seeing more and more of the little buggers all over my house. I saw them inside, outside, in the dark, with the lights on, with my eyes open and with my eyes closed. When this first started happening, I made a hasty appointment with my eye doctor. The examination showed I had no floaters, torn retinas, ravenous parasites or other issues that might have caused this. Outside of astigmatism in my right eye and being near-sighted, my eyes are in perfect health. That’s when I hit the internet hard, trying to find out what they were, but my research produced more questions than answers- literally! It seemed that I wasn’t the only person seeing this phenomenon, but no one knew what they were; all of the references I found were other people asking the same questions I was. It didn’t take long for my friends and family to start seeing them, too. My kids were the first to come to me and tell me about the “little black dots” they were seeing. Then, my brother approached me with the same experiences, followed by many more people who didn’t usually see these types of things. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and compare notes.

Over the years we have continued to see the black orbs, which allowed for opportunity to study them a little closer. In my research and experience, I found that a black orb is typically seen with the naked eye but is rarely captured on still photos or video. This is odd, considering that lighted orbs have been seen, filmed and photographed for quite some time. Black orbs are consistently described to look much like a traditional black hole: a spot of pitch blackness surrounded by a thin, lighted corona or event horizon. Sometimes they are the size of a pin prick, sometimes the size of a grapefruit. They are seen one at a time, in a swarm, and everything in between. They are usually round in shape, but not always; there are times when they look more like an amoeba than an orb, but whatever the case they always have a lighted corona. The corona itself varies in color, but is usually yellow, whitish, pale orange or light green.

[ image disabled ][ image disabled ]

I have noticed that people don’t report “seeing” the black orbs in the same way they see the lighted orbs. They usually see the lighted orbs slightly out of their direct focus or in the peripheral, whereas they can see the black orbs dead-on, just like you’re looking at this screen right now. I’ve personally noticed that they tend to be most visibly brilliant when negative emotion is running high. I’ve seen them dance closely around someone’s ear as that person works into an emotional frenzy beyond what the situation warrants, and I’ve watched them hover over the chest of a person who is grieving deeply and doesn’t understand why it hurts so bad. Are the black orbs to blame for the anger or grief? Not that I can tell. The person is already in that state of mind, but the emotion certainly seems to be heightened beyond normal levels. I’ve also noticed that the more upset the person gets, the more the physical appearance of the orb intensifies. By this I mean the dark hole grows blacker and the corona gets brighter, making the whole anomaly more solid and lucid as the emotion escalates. Does this make them demonic or a bad spirit? Maybe, but I don’t think so. I’ve dealt with rotten and difficult entities of many shapes and sizes throughout my life, and these don’t have the same qualities. Intuitively speaking, black orbs feel like they have no personality- almost like they are mechanical in nature, but it does feel like there is a presence on the other side of them, as if they are being “driven” or “operated”. They don’t give goose bumps or raise the hairs on your body, nor do they give you the creeps. You can’t really “feel” them at all like you would feel a spirit, ghost or supernatural presence. As for their movement, they can hover, dart, zip, float and fade away into nothing. Physically speaking, they do not produce any EMF fluctuations, audio phenomenon, temperature variations, or photo/video evidence to speak of. What the hell? You would think that if so many people are seeing them and they are quite physical in appearance, they would give off some kind of physical reading or evidence. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

What are they? I wish I knew and I will continue to research them until I figure it out. Six years after my first encounter, I’m still floundering for answers. I’ve gone through all of the Spiritual avenues and came up empty-handed. I’ve researched legend and lore, but found nothing that really resembles these guys. When I searched the world of science I discovered a possible connection to the Hadron Colliders, but nothing solid by any means.

Let’s talk about the Hadron Collider for a few… For those of you unfamiliar with these HUGE machines, Wikepedia has a great article on the big one in Switzerland. Essentially, it is a 17 mile circular tunnel, 160’-570’ underground. This tunnel is full of massive, super-conducting magnets (around 1600 of ‘em), proton beams and liquid helium by the tons. All of this is designed to smash a bunch of particles together and answer a list of scientific questions and theories pertaining to: Gravity; Matter vs. Anti-Matter; The Relationship of Magnetism/Strong Nuclear Force/Weak Nuclear Force; Dark Energy/Dark Matter; and last but not least- The Possibility of Extra Dimensions. One of the biggest concerns with running this machine in the scientific community is that it could create small black holes. Hmmm… see my point? It’s certainly worth more research, but wow that stuff isn’t easy to read through and information isn’t exactly definitive. I don’t think they really know what it will do, if you want my opinion. Supposedly (and this is top secret), there are a total of 4 of these machines in the World. I’m sure we will be talking more about them in the future, whether they have anything to do with black orbs or not.

As for the black orbs, we’re still collecting data. So, if you’ve seen one (or more!), please let us know. In the mean time, we’ll keep you posted on any new stuff we get in.
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